John Fields
Curator of over 45 fine arts exhibitions to date including:

• WARHOL: Fabricated
• Carlos Rolon: Boxed
• Mary Frances Whitfield: Why?
• Irene Grau: incoherent walk
• David Levinthal: Playland
• Jordan Eagles: Blood Equality. Co-curated
• Titus Kaphar: Misremembered
• David Sandlin: 76 Manifestations of American Destiny
• Jessica Angel: Facing the Hyperstructure. Co-curated
• Luis Cruz Azaceta: War and Other Disasters. Co-curated
• Beverly Fishman: Another Day in Paradise
• Yaacov Agam: Metamorphic
• Adam Ferriss: Quantum Harmonic Oscillator
• Christopher Saucedo: Comic Book Diplomacy
• FOCUS I: Identified, Works from the collection of Jim Sokol and Lydia Cheney
• Bob Adelman: The Children’s March
• David Jay: The Alabama Project
• i have a secret wish… group exhibition featuring Valerie Corradetti, Sharon Louden, Grace Mikell, Karen Ann Myers, Marlo Pascual, Gina Phillips, Babs Reingold, Nina Schwanse, Carolyn Sherer, and Susanna Star