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Paint Your Own Masterpiece Series: MAGA Jesus Edition
Paint Your Own Masterpiece Series: MAGA Jesus Edition
Screen-printed canvas, paint brushes, with paint color recipe card, instructions, and packaging designed by Yellowhammer Creative®
Dimensions variable

In his Paint Your Own Masterpiece Series Fields presents a tongue-in-cheek critique of art world economics and the notions of “art as sacred object.” Viewers are invited to purchase these paint-by-number kits which include everything needed (paint sold separately) to create exact replicas of an authentic John Fields painting.

In this particular edition, Fields is commenting on the commodification of spirituality and the politicization of religious deities. The image of Jesus comes from a popular internet meme depicting “Republican Jesus” and is an image that was seen on display in Washington DC on January 6. It is unclear if this image of Jesus wearing a MAGA hat is sincere in it’s origin and intent or if it’s simply another attempt at cultural “trolling.”

If Jesus were alive today, would he align himself with a modern political party? Would he be a Democrat? Republican? Libertarian? What nationality would he claim?