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Vacation Bible School: Jesus Heals the Blind Man
Vacation Bible School: Jesus Heals the Blind Man
Acrylic paint, ink, and Crayola® brand crayons on canvas
20 x 30 inches

Reproduced by hand, this appropriated imagery from a vintage bible coloring book depicts the fable of Jesus’ miraculous healing of the blind man Celidonius. A new package of Crayola® crayons accompanies the painting, suggesting that gallery visitors are expected to complete the piece themselves.

How young is too young for a person to make decisions regarding abstract and complex existential topics such as politics or theology? What role does indoctrination play in all aspects of our culture?

This piece illustrates Fields’ interest in the age-old philosophical debate, can morality exist without religion? Does religious doctrine dictate morality? Or is morality achieved through cultural discourse and community standards of the times?